“This is Ellen, the engineer that leads an amazing double life.  For when Ellen puts on a Buff*, an amazing transformation occurs: Ellen is Rando Girl!  Ever alert for the call to adventure!**”

Rando Girls is my journey to a life more adventurous, sharing the journey with others and having fun along the way. And cake.

My next big challenge is an arctic expedition crossing Svalbard.  I’ve never been anywhere that cold before and I can’t ski. Oh, and there might be polar bears.

  • How I… learnt to ski
    Learning to ski without snow for a cold adventure In Svalbard
  • How I… Decided on a cold adventure
    It started, as I think may adventures do, in the queue for mulled cider at Yestival. I finished cycling the Camino in October 2017 (blog here) and was feeling a combination of the post-adventure blues and a lack of direction.  My husband had given me a felt penguin as a present from a business trip… Continue reading Home


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Svalbard Crossing

(*other neckwear is available…**I was – and still am – a big Bananaman fan…)